Tuttobene Milan 2012

The New Glint of Things

Amsterdam based Tuttobene is developed ad a platform for Design. Like DesignNL, Tuttobene is a matchmaker for the creative design talents with the industry and retailers around the world. Exhibitions are used as a calatysator for commercial projects.

During the Milan Design Week, 17-22 April 2012, the exhibition takes place in the area of Zona Tortona. Over 25 design talents have revealed totally new design products. ‘The new glint of things’ strongly supports the use of new techniques, cross-overs and methodologies. Although many designers have recognizable signatures, the nature of the exhibition undoubtly connects every designer to the whole of thing through styles, ideas and aesthetics.

Selection 2012
  • Tjimkje de Boer – David Derksen – Jolanda van Goor – Rachel Griffin
  • Maarten Baptist – Noa Haim – Marco Iannicelli – Marleen Jansen
  • Lambert Kamps – Christian Kayser – Rianne Koens – Tessa Koot
  • Miya Kondo – Laurien Oversier – Lex Pott Found by James – Tiago Sa da Costa
  • Schelling & Borsboom – Studio Appétit – Studio Thier&VanDaalen
  • Skrivo – Nienke Sybrandy – Rik ten Velden – Joost van Veldhuizen
  • Franziska Wernicke – Doreen Westphal – Erwin Zwiers.


‘The New Glint of Things’ refers back to the title of a 1983’s publication on design, in which the glint of the moment was found within specific products and design objects. The 2012 Milan presentation forms the glint in which solutions and alternative prospects can be found.  The exhibition therefore creates a historical link between two moments of crisis, whilst emphasizing the distinctive power of design.

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Date: september 28, 2012