DesignNL Palets

We are working on a totally new approach for our joined projects. Of course we would carry around your regular portfolio map our clients. And an interior designer will advise the client to make certain decisions. Since we are working more and more together, we thought it would be a great idea to make some pre-fab compositions of certain designs that would fit nicely together. Like we actually already do at exhibitions…

We are working on some appealing themes for offices, homes and outdoors. Save time and an get inspired beyond the awesome products alone. We are currently developing ideas in our brainstorm sessions and hoping to present our clients with a superb portolio map, called ‘DesignNL¬†Palets’ around February 2013..

Great ideas awaiting! Loading for now…Loading+— Voeg aan mijn lijstje toe —+

Date: november 08, 2012