Maastricht Academy of Fine Arts

Quite a few product designers have developed themselves into valuable ‘vessels of knowledge’ willing to explain and teach. Travelling around the world, telling the finesses of product design to different crowds, have made the more established designers true ambassadors for Dutch Design. Being informed and involved is key to being successful as lecturer. These professionals are much sought after for workshops creative thinking, conferences, panels,  academies and universities.

The Maastricht Academy of Fine Arts has asked to deliver a guest lecturer for students in the bachelor programme Product and Jewellery Design. From January through March 2013 the students will be coached and taught by professionals ‘in the field’.


“The student explores the methodical way of design and self-reflection through practice – related projects, external assignments and competitions. A special practical and technical training is given for each discipline. By this kind of experimenting, the student discovers the respective field and develops his personal style and identity. This is supported by theoretical complementary components such as concept development, design theory and art history.”

A challenge that was willingly accepted…
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Client:Maastricht Academy of Fine Arts
Date: november 07, 2012