Eat Drink Design 2012

Eat Drink Design 2012

This year’s editin of the Eat Drink Design concept by Moon/en/co and Sot-l’y-laisse, was the precursor of a truly unique concept in The Netherlands; ‘Kazerne & Creative Suites’…

The creation of a permanent artistic meeting place for the creative industry and its supporters. A place where creativity and business will be able to interact. Staying informed, doing business and endulging yourself in a cosmopolitan atmosphere. The constant presence of unique exhibitions and informational programs will function as a catalysator for new ideas, new connections and enrichment.

Our input was help create the playground for a memorable event, by mixing and matching (international) design talents.

Just a few design talents.

  • Bernotat & Borstlap
  • Joost van Bleiswijk
  • Brekveld, Van Eijk & Van der Lubbe, Imperfectdesign
  • Germans Ermics
  • vanJoost
  • Lisa Klappe
  • Kranen/Gille
  • Alexa Lixfeld
  • Jeroen Wand


There’s still a lot to discover. You might want to check it out at the website of eatdrinkdesign. Have fun…

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Client:Eat Drink Design
Date: november 06, 2012