Top Design is the Bottom Line


For the period between 2005 – 2010 Brainport was responsible for the implementation of the programm ‘Design in Brainport’ . Goal was reinforcing and stimulating growth of the top position of Southeast Braban, with a focus on design and technology. Brainport substantially contributed to the region’s international competitive position by collaborating with regional businesses, the creative industry and knowledgde institutes.

The goals of the mission were obtained by creating a common platform for the focus areas. A delegation of highly skilled professionals to Japan, South-Korea and China established the Brainport region, once again, as leading community in Design, Technology and Industry.

Secretary of State mr. Heemskerk of the Ministry of Economical Affairs, guided the economical trade mission for creative design. This specific part of the general trade mission focussed on the true value of conceptual and industrial (Dutch) design in relations to the Asian market. Delegates of 170 Dutch creative companies were able to meet their Asian counterparts and doing business during the match making sessions, organised by the responsible ministries.

A composition of the top of Dutch Design was presented in a travelling exposition; “Top Design is The Bottom Line”. Maarten Baptist was responsible for the actual presentation of Dutch Design as well as the input and product contributions by other Dutch Designers. Marcel Wanders, Hella Jongerius and Rem Koolhaas were the main lecturers of the events that were kept in the different cities. The exposition travelled to cities of Tokyo, Seoul and Hong Kong. An intensive ride with a lot of accomplishments…

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Date: september 29, 2012