A broad network is awaiting.

    DesignNL is an initiative of Maarten Baptist and Daniel Schakel.  Main goal is commercially promoting Dutch Design in The Netherlands and in other countries. DesignNL combines a broad network of renowned and new product designers to any commercial market. Over 25 product designers joined in already and many more we work with. By combining knowledge and expertise we are able to represent the core of premium Dutch Design.

    DesignNL is a ‘Designers Only‘ network, with some help of those who support us. We found that in times of economical crisis it is more difficult to individually reach out to the most valued customers.  As a collective this is no longer a problem. We can act swiftly to any demand and offer you the quality we put into our own products and projects. DesignNL operates on a global level. As experienced travellers we can meet at your office address anywhere or somewhere in the middle.

    Don’t hesitate to contact us to learn more… We love to meet you!


    Over the years we’ve had some pilots in promoting Dutch Design abroad. For instance at the ‘Milan Design Week’ or the ‘Tokyo Designers Week’: By forming a delegation of some of the best Dutch product designers we were able to represent Dutch Design at its finest. By receiving contributions of the government, Brainport, Eindhoven, Rotterdam, Amsterdam, etc. we created a Dutch Design buzz in Eindhoven, Milan, Tokyo, Shanghai, Seoul, Hong Kong, Moskou,  Paris and oh so many more cities… Saving costs due to combined forces and creating a platform, not only a lot of media attention was generated, but quite a few business projects as well. The media attention showed once again that Dutch Design is most representative in the world of product design.

    The business projects we were assigned to, was attributable to our represenation as a collective. The diversity of our designs and ideas matches the needs and wishes of most of potential clients.

    Don’t hesitate to contact us… We love to meet you!


    DesignNL serves as a portal for bigger projects. Not only do we custumize every project to the desired specifics, but by being a ‘Designers Only’ network you get connected to the designers themselves. Our collective is agile and there are no commercial intermediary involved… You can imagine that works cost reductive.  And guess what: You get the best ideas from the root source. Our collective is accustomed in working together. Besides working together most designers informally meet on a regular basis. Make our strength your strength!

    Don’t hesitate to contact us… We love to meet you!


    Always wanted to attend a workshop or a masterclass by one of our Dutch top designers? Want to learn what makes a design a great design? What processes are involved in actually developing a design; from drawing board to commercial product? What new techniques are hot and happening? Or do you want to form a focus group for creative ideas…? We can help!

    Almost all of our members have a broad experience in teaching at (international) universities, schools and academies. Being experienced (guest) lecturers at events, academies for design and universities, you get your money’s worth…

    Don’t hesitate to contact us… We love to meet you!


    As individual designers we have our own network. As a collective our network is inmense. Of course there’s almost no designer in The Netherlands we don’t know. But our network expands to (national) politics,  universities, manufacturers, promoters, event organizers, technical research institutes and much more…

    Not only are we interested in your  event, but we can help you getting in contact to the most valued contacts.



Are you (almost) an established Dutch Designer and you want to join our collective? Let us know… and go to the ‘JOIN‘ page.

Or do you have a project or event that needs to be really awesome?Let us know.. Leave feedback at the side or contact us directly…

We are looking forward to meeting you!